Have you seen Max?

It's been almost two weeks since the last episode of Who is Max? was released on Samsung's dedicated Who is Max? page. This webseries is about a group of friends who find a Galaxy Note 8.0 in their cafe and try to figure out who the owner is. Each of the three friends have their own ideas on who Max could be. Whether anyone of them is close, can be found out in the final of the four episodes.

If you don't know the story, you can check out all the previous episodes here.

Want to know who Max is (and see me as well) ?

Great first week for I Love Wolffy 2

One of my biggest recent successes, the Chinese kids comedy I Love Wolffy 2 or 我爱灰太狼2 in Chinese had a great first week at the Chinese box offices. Raking a solid 6.8m USD it ranked third right after Pacific Rim and Fast & Furious 6. I was really amazed when I first saw those figures. 


Production still of me (left) and Da Qing (right) - our boss - scolding me for being such a naive sheep. (Photo: Gao Bei)

Production still of me (left) and Da Qing (right) - our boss - scolding me for being such a naive sheep. (Photo: Gao Bei)

In the movie I played the role of lazy sheep (懒羊羊). Which was a fun role to play because it allowed me to break out of my usual characters (the business executive, the boyfriend, the backpacker) and create something unique. The personification of a sheep, who is not exactly the sharpest tool in the box. This creates some funny and very silly moments.

I hope the movie will come to Singapore soon! 

Who is Max?

Samsung has just released their new webseries called "Who is Max?" . Three people who own a cafe, find a Samsung Note at closing time and try to figure out who left it behind. 

They just released their first episode on their dedicated campaign page of Who is Max?

Check out the page. They also have a lucky draw, answer the question correctly and you can win a 200$ travel vouchers and if you are lucky, in one episode you might even spot me ;)  

Oh ya, and the next episode will be out on the 9th. So keep watching!

Trailer for I Love Wolffy 2 is out!

Just roughly one month after the shooting wrapped I am very excited to see the trailer coming out. Working on a completely Chinese set was a great challenge, which I enjoyed and definitely improved my Chinese. 

We are looking forward to a release of the film in August or September in Singapore hopefully. 

我爱灰太狼2 - 懒羊羊